Software in action

Series of meetings in which examples of interventions made by designers using 3Muri and AxisVM software will be presented.

Repair works and seismic adaptation of the masonry manor house - Corte del Bondanazzo (RE) - Ing. Pasquale Diletto

Typical problems of modal analysis - Eng. Renzo Di Vendra

Seismic repair and improvement of Palazzo Pio di Savoia following the 2012 earthquake - Eng. Reggiani, Eng. Zanetti

Advanced steel joint verification with Axis VM (S.T.A. DATA) and IDEA Connection (Eiseko) - Eng. Gianluca Gagliardi, Eng. Eleonora Cenzon

Structural improvement of a hanging tank located in the municipality of Castel Frentano (CH) - Ing. Carlo Primavera

3Muri - New features of version 10.1 3D - Eng. Luca Borgesa

Structural improvement interventions on residential masonry building - Eng. Ceregini, Eng. Balsamini

Equivalent frame analysis: the importance of the mesh - Eng. Luca Capellari