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3Muri Project
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Integrated structural design of masonry and mixed structures

3Muri Project X4 is the new software created by the STA DATA development team, specially designed as an integrated and modular solution for the analysis of masonry and mixed structures, both from a global and local point of view. After years and years of close collaboration with the professional world, always working to make our structural calculation software more performant and better suited to real operational needs, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: to create a new, innovative and intuitive working environment that allows the designer to deal with all requirements in an all-encompassing and simple way.

The result is 3Muri Project, at the same time the natural evolution of 3Muri and a conceptually more advanced and up-to-date software. In fact, it is a unique software that offers a totally integrated and multifunctional working environment to deal with the global analysis of the structure, local verifications and the computation of interventions.

3Muri Project: the evolution continues!

Discover the full potential of the new 3Muri Project now by trying the free demo version and contact us on 800 236 245 for a personalised presentation with one of our technicians at your disposal.

3Muri Project international version is available from 1st September 2021

For more information, a software presentation or a customised offer, contact us now! Toll-free number 800 236 245

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