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STA DATA has always been oriented towards simplifying as much as possible the daily activities of designers through simple, reliable programs assisted by specialised technicians who are familiar both the programs and the problems to be solved. This is why we offer increasingly customised services according to the real needs of our customers.

The SAT (Technical support) service enables users of the STA DATA software to always have a technician available to respond to problems with the operation and use of the licensed program commands. In order to continually improve efficiency and effectiveness, this includes updating to the new versions of the program by checking the operation on the computer in use.
In order to communicate even more effectively, we make the most of Internet technology, through dedicated web pages to send requests to support and monitor the various stages, from taking charge to the final solution; through Desktop Sharing to connect the computers as if they were desk neighbours and interacting directly with one of our technicians, and through Edilcloud, which makes available a "Cloud" space to store program data and one's own personal data with total security.

In addition to what is already included in the SAT service, SAT Premium, a new value-added service, is available for those who want genuine advice and support for the projects under examination. Our technicians, live with Desktop Sharing, are able to examine drawings and structural models, providing advice and help for the general design of the optimal structural solution, the calculation model up to the examination of the results and the calculation report. A great help at a small cost, to design in the best and safest way.
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