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Steel and aluminium verification

Microsoft Excel® applications offer excellent computing power and ease of use compared to traditional software (as well as lower cost).


SAITU allows the calculation and verification of structural elements (e.g. profiles, bent sheet metal panels) or entire structures (e.g. chimneys) in steel and aluminium using pre-programmed Excel sheets, making the analysis process fast and immediate.


SAITU derives from the long professional experience of designers who have poured exceptional know-how into Excel, making even very complex analyses available; nothing to do therefore with free software found on the web, of which the reliability is questionable.


Due to its ease of use, no training is required as the sheets are self-explanatory. The calculation report is obtained immediately by printing out the sheets, which comprehensively report the input data and results, with normative references.

N.B. the software is only compatible with MS Excel.

Professional version

Dedicated to designers who work in technical studios and need practical, fast and highly professional operational tools.

Industry Version

Dedicated to the creation of tables and catalogues for companies operating in the production of vertical and horizontal metal profiles and panels, including those with integrative casting or insulating material.

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