Project Gallery

Series of meetings dedicated to real interventions carried out on masonry buildings, during which professionals will describe examples of real interventions carried out with the 3Muri software.

Studio Capellari

Post-earthquake improvement works on masonry buildings

Diletto Studio

Restoration and seismic improvement of the building known as the Poldino inn, municipality of Finale Emilia

Studio Capellari

Building in the historic centre of Mirandola (MO)
Post-earthquake intervention 2012: seismic repair and improvement

Benedetti & Partners

Residential building in the municipality of Cento

Seismic analysis following damage caused by the earthquakes of May 2012

Studio Lenzi & Associates

Historical Archive of the Municipality of Mirandola

Structural work to consolidate damage following the earthquakes of May 2012

Villa offices in via Risorgimento in Bologna

Renovation and change of use from residential to tertiary - Seismic improvement works

Studio Lenzi & Associates

Former St. Augustine Hospital

Redevelopment Interventions