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Comparison of support services



SAT Premium

Available hours: 5/5 days - 8/8 hours per day
Upgrading to new versions of S.T.A. DATA licensed software*
Support for software installation
Verification of computer compatibility with licensed S.T.A. DATA software
Functional testing of licensed S.T.A. DATA software
Instructions and problems concerning the commands of the S.T.A. DATA licensed software
Request support for installation via the web
Request support via the web and monitoring the status of take-over and solution
Access to f.a.q. database
Checking the software update status via the web
PC connection via desktop sharing
Support for outline design of structures
Support for the creation of the structural model
Support for setting up analyses

Supporto per l’interpretazione dei risultati di calcolo

Support for the preparation of calculation documentation
Interpretation of technical regulations
Dedicated multimedia services (webtraining)
* For software AXIS VM, upgrades of the purchased version are included.
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