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Axis VM

3Muri is a comprehensive software with full functionality for the verification of masonry and mixed structures. To complete the analysis and design with additional elements such as special foundations (rafts, piles, etc.), design new beams, columns, walls, insert stairs or new installations, it is possible to use the Axis VM software directly connected with 3Muri.

With Axis VM it is possible to automatically import what was made in 3Muri, obtaining an equivalent model on which further processing can be carried out. Once the analysis has been carried out with 3Muri , it is possible to open the same model in Axis VM.

Having performed the static analysis, the new elements, and the interaction between them and the masonry parts, can be verified. To assess the seismic effects on the roof, the dynamic modal analysis can be performed, applying the relative design spectrum, thus obtaining all the necessary information.

For more information visit the Axis VM web space.

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