Steel Connection add-on

Home " Software " 3Muri Project " Connections " Steel Connection Steel Connection The Steel Connection module calculates connection nodes for steel structures. Thanks to a wide range of connection types, it covers all design requirements, resulting in a node analysis. From the selection of frame nodes, it is possible to directly execute [...]

Axis VM add-on

Home " Software " 3Muri Project " Connections " Axis VM Axis VM 3Muri is a full-featured software for the verification of masonry and mixed structures. To complete the analysis and design with additional elements such as special foundations (rafts, piles, etc.), design new beams, columns, septa, insert stairs [...].


Home " Software " 3Muri Project " Links " Sismotest Sismotest The SismoTest module is the 3Muri module dedicated to the Seismic Classification of Buildings, according to Ministerial Decree no. 65 of 7/3/2017. The module puts into practice what is required by the Guidelines, making them easily applicable, providing suggestions in the assessment stages and producing the [...]