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The first step for correct design is Navigator, which offers a guided path to facilitate the design of new and existing structures according to NTC 18.

Navigator, thanks to its organised environment, allows the project to be set up by defining certain parameters, including:

  • Location, zone and co-ordinates;
  • Type of construction and class of use;
  • Type of structure and design approach;
  • Type of analysis to be performed, in relation to the structure under examination.


Following the choices made by the user, Navigator calculates spectra by defining the seismic hazard parameters in the various limit states, and the structure factor 'q'.

Furthermore, within AxisVM, in compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations for Construction, it allows:

  • modal analysis
  • seismic analysis
  • the export of stresses to the environment dedicated to verifications of reinforced concrete structural elements.
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