Existing mansonry building not designed with seismic standards in non-seismic area of the world can be vunerable to induced seismic actions by human activity.
Main industrial activities that generates earthquakes are: hydrocarbons storage and extractions, shale gas exploitations, geothermal energy exploitation, mining operations, CO2 sequestration, dams.
Typical building detailed are reproduced in the Eucentre laboratory and Lisbon laboratory to give rise the cracks progression of this type of existing building subjected to this seismic actions.
Calibrated models in numerical studies in 3Muri software are used to design the seismic intervention of the buildings.

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Tags: 2-story buildings, chimneys, compressive test, construction details, drift, EUCENTRE, fragility curves, global behavior, horizontal cracks, in-plane laws, induced seismicity, influential strength, joints, local response, masonry building, mortar composition, non linear dynamic analysis, non-linear kinematic analysis, out-of-plane laws, P-delta effect, rocking, seismic behavior, shake table, stepped cracks, torsional shear strength, vertical cracks, x-shape cracks
Author: Dr. Stefano Bracchi