Seismic assessment strategies for masonry structures. Collection of international case studies.
chaired by Prof. Eng. Andrea Penna,
Prof. Eng. Rita Bento;
Eng. Alessandro Marasca;
Eng. Alexandre A. Costa;
Eng. George Tsiamtsiakiris;
Eng. Henning Kirmse;
Ph. D. Eng. Romina Sisti.

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Categories: Edifici tutelati, Interventi realizzati, Rinforzo elementi murari
Tags: challenges on the seismic assessment, Groningen province, historic masonry built, in-Plane performance, induce earthquake, Kos Island, masonry buildings in Vienna, masonry case studies, masonry structures, National Palace of Sintra, Palazzo Comunale in Camerino, pushover, seismic assessment models, seismic assessment strategies, seismic assessment tools, Software calcolo strutturale, strengthening of traditional masonry buildings
Author: Prof. Ing. Andrea Penna