Buildings without a box-like behavior are analysed by 3Muri Project OPEN. The seismic vulnerability of this kind of structure can be calculated with OPEN. In this video we can see a real life test of a very old church without horizontal structures. 3Muri Project OPEN performs the non-linear kinematic analysis at limit states. It is possible to verify in-plane and out-of-plane kinematic analysis of the walls of existing masonry structures and without box behavior.

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Tags: 3Muri Project OPEN, activation multipler, capacity acceleration, capacity curve, deformed shape, existing building, façade, fracture line, in plane mechanism, kinematic chain, linear kinematic analysis, linear load, local mechanism, masonry, non-linear kinematic analysis, out of plane mechanism, seismic analysis, seismic reliabiity, structural analysis, tie rod, verification NC, vertical surfaces input, without box behavior
Author: Eng. Bruno Arias Van Lierde - Technical Expert S.T.A. DATA